How to Relieve Leg #Cramps During Pregnancy

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Muscle cramps in pregnancyWhile there is no scientific explanation for why a pregnant woman suffers more complaints of leg cramps, it is a known fact that every woman searches for the answer on how to relieve this ache when pregnant.


Causes of Leg Cramps when Pregnant

The issue of more leg cramps may occur because the muscles of a pregnant woman become tired very easily while bearing the increasingly extra weight in their womb. The other reason could be the expansion of the uterus that causes more blood pressure on the blood vessels. In general, a pregnant woman starts suffering from increasing incidences of leg cramps during the second trimester and the situation continues to aggravate as the pregnancy progresses. Women may suffer from this problem during the daytime but in general, pregnant women more often complain about leg aches during the night. 

How to Prevent Leg cramps

Before we talk about how to relieve leg cramps when pregnant, let us discuss certain measures through which one may prevent the leg cramps that appear so often during the pregnancy. 

1) Pregnant women should avoid sitting or standing for long periods, especially while keeping their legs crossed.

2) They should perform stretching exercises for their calf muscles many a time during the day and regularly before sleeping. 

3) While sitting for dinner or watching television, pregnant women should wiggle their toes and rotate their ankles as it will help in preventing leg cramps.

4) They should opt to go for a morning walk everyday and stroll slowly unless their doctor suggests otherwise.

5) Pregnant women should avoid doing extra work and should try not to tire themselves out. 

6) Eating more than enough water during the pregnancy will help in avoiding frequent leg cramps.

7) Before going to bed, a warm bath will help pregnant women in relaxing their muscles which will avoid frequent leg cramps. 

In order to prevent frequent leg cramps, they may take prenatal vitamins along with magnesium supplements.

How to Relieve Leg Cramps when Pregnant

Leg cramps are a common problem for pregnant women. One can ease the pain and get some instant relief by stretching their calf muscles and straightening their heel and leg. They should then turn their toes backward towards their shins in a gentle manner. Initially, this process may appear to be painful but it will soon mitigate the pain and will offer relief. Warming the calf muscles by using a warm water bottle and massaging these muscles properly will also provide instant relief. When the pain gets a little lower, the pregnant woman suffering from leg cramp can try to walk a little with smaller and slower steps as it will help in mitigating the pain or keeping it to a minimum. In case the frequency of leg cramps increases too much and certain redness, swelling, or tenderness starts appearing on your leg, you may call the doctor for proper medical assistance.

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