Fitness Strength Training- Basics on Body Building

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What is the difference between fitness strength training and body building? According to Tony Vento, a leading personal trainer and body builder for over 24 years, there is a big difference.



Fitness strength training is done to tone muscles and make them stronger and more flexible. Athletics train to gain speed and endurance and to compete in rough matches, such as boxing. Dieters use strength training to burn fat faster than using aerobics alone.


In addition, fitness routines include weights and resistance bands which build lean, toned and sexy muscles. Body building is, on the other hand, purely cosmetic, according to Mr. Vento. "Bodybuilding is not aimed at increasing strength, flexibility, endurance, speed or other athletic factors. In bodybuilding, these performance qualities are only sought to the extent to which they help the bodybuilder look better onstage."


Many people, however, get mixed up between fitness strength training and body building. If you consider the fact that working out with weights can tone your muscles and reshape your body, you could say you are "building" your body into a more efficient machine that can handle strength, endurance and flexibility in everyday tasks. Mr. Vento prefers to call this

functional training.



Functional training concentrates on two parts of the body, the core and the extremities. The core is your torso, front and back muscles. It includes your neck, your shoulders, your abdomen, back, pelvis and hips. Your extremities are your arms and legs.Overall fitness strength training involves strengthening the whole body, not just pumping a few muscles up temporarily to look good in competition.Exercising with weights in repetitious moves is the best way to build your body into the best power machine it can be. When your muscles respond, they become stronger, function better and the fat diminishes, and what really accomplishes that goal is fitness strength training.


Most trainers recommend that you alternate weight exercising between your core one day and your extremities the next. That will give time for your muscles in each group to rest, which is vital for muscle growth.


The main point is to not overstrain your muscles, but to gradually work them to improve their tone and flex. Proper fitness strength training involves the basics on bodybuilding, which is basically using weights and resistance to tighten your whole body, but the goal is not to turn you into a Mr. or Ms. Atlas Beach Body.


Moaz Derfasi, is a certified personal trainer who's achieved his Masters degree in Nutritional Science from Curtin University of Technology in Perth, Australia.

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