Foods to Avoid When on a Candida Diet

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While the term "candida albicans" isn't one that we hear every day, it's a bacteria that negatively affects countless people. This bacteria, which exists naturally in a human's digestive tract or a woman's vagina, can become problematic in large quantities. When probiotics ("good" bacteria) and our immune systems


can't control the candida levels sufficiently, then the victim needs to take action. While several actions are possible, a popular one is to change his or her diet.



High-levels of candida in the body can result in various local infections, which can occur in different locations in the human body, including on the skin and in the mouth. In women, these infections can also take the form of vaginal yeast infections.


What's the solution? Many sufferers of candida resort to the use of powerful antibiotics. However, proponents of alternative medicine often support more naturalistic measures, including a candida diet. Indeed, it could be argued that most health conditions that one can suffer from, can be linked to one's diet.


What exactly does the candida diet consist of? You might not be surprised that people on this type of diet avoid any foods containing yeast. These foods include breads with yeast, as well as beer, mushrooms, and cheese. While some alternative medicine practitioners support the avoidance of foods containing other types of fungi, it's a matter of contention between different experts.


Another food that people avoid when trying to control their candida count through their diet, is refined sugar. Refined sugar isn't the healthiest type of food to eat anyway, so reducing your intake will also improve your overall health. Try to tend to avoid foods such as cookies, cakes, sodas, and breakfast cereals-which are notorious for containing huge quantities of refined sugar. Even some natural foods, such as bananas, grapes, and avocados, contain high amounts of sugar, and should thus be avoided.


Those on a candida diet also tend to limit their intake of carbohydrates. The amount of carbohydrates that a person consumes on this diet will vary, due to factors such as the person's age, health, and how physically active he or she is. Instead of consuming large quantities of foods such as potatoes, bread, and rice, they'll eat more meat, poultry, shellfish, and non-starchy veggies. After the symptoms of the Candida decrease in severity, the person can then gradually increase his or her intake of carbohydrates.


Those who want to decrease their Candida count through the foods they east, should avoid all types of vinegar. Foods that contain vinegar include ketchup, BBQ sauce, steak sauce, soy sauce, pickles, mustard, horseradish, chili sauce, commercial salad dressing, and so on.


Gluten is yet another type of food that people avoid when striving to reduce their Candida count through their diet. Goods containing gluten include ingredients such as rye, wheat, and barley. These ingredients are often used to produce foods such as pasta and bread.


If you're interested in reducing your Candida count without getting injected with antibiotics, then consider making some basic changes to your diet. You are what you eat, so change your diet to kill the candida.



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